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Glaxy Sofa Upholstery In Abu Dhabi

Glaxy new and used furniture traders provide all household and furniture-related services to clients in Abu Dhabi. Here we share details about bed and sofa upholstery Abu Dhabi which is a very reliable and cost-effective service.

We have all the required materials for sofa repair and upholstery. Our warehouse is located in M-40 you can bring your furniture to our repair shop and our team will redesign your items as per your choice.

Our prices are reliable and according to the quantity and quality of sofa upholstery service in Abu Dhabi. Our furniture carpenters are very expert and professional in all kinds of new custom made furniture and upholstery.

We use high-quality upholstery materials like fabric, leather, foam, etc. The prices are based on the quality of material we have from low to high-quality and use based on customer choice and budget.

We buy and sell all kinds of used furniture in Abu Dhabi if you want to sell your old sofa or bed and take another one from our showroom.

We have perfect leather materials for your sofa. If you want to design your sofa luxurious then Glaxy is the right platform for you to choose. In upholstery our furniture carpenters are very well-trained and expert. They will design your dream furniture.

But most important thing is about the charges at sofa and bed upholstery in Abu Dhabi. Make sure that our company primary goal is to keep long term connectivity with clients and provide them very appreciative services.

Bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Local Glaxy bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi offers essentially unlimited possibilities to customize your home because we have had the pleasure of spending more than a decade developing our trade. We supply the design and architectural communities in Abu Dhabi and abroad with a wide range of services.

Owned and maintained by a family, we respect our collaborators and welcome the chance to collaborate with you. Please have a look around our website and contact us if there is any way we can make your next project as successful as you see it.

Comfortable and modern-designed upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are the ideal accent for any bedroom because they are both cozy and modern. The soft upholstery offers the utmost in comfort, while the modern design and sleek lines provide a stunning appearance.

With a robust structure and solid support system, they are built to last. This upholstered bed is the ideal option whether you want to modernize the design of your bedroom or just want a comfy place to sleep.

Skilled and experienced staff

Give an old thing new vitality. Your treasured object can be updated or repaired using one of the many high-quality materials we provide. With our many years of experience, we can guarantee a brand-new product that is both practical and comfortable.

Our many years of experience can help you refine and add that unique, personal feel to the most special space in your house. The intricate and exquisite art of wall upholstery is a specialty of our in-house upholsterers, who employ both conventional methods and panel track systems.

Custom headboards and bedding

We have the ideal answer for remodeling your space! You can create the ideal bedroom outfit with the assistance of our qualified and skilled designers, who can also create custom bedding, cushions, and upholstery. We can design styles that fit your window coverings and go well with your bedroom's decor thanks to our vast selection of fabrics. We are experts in bedspreads, bed skirts, comforters, duvet covers, and other items.

Custom fabrics for headboards, bedding, and other uses

Whether you're trying for a traditional appearance or something more contemporary and futuristic, fabric may transform the mood of your bedroom. A plain room can be transformed into a classy and welcoming executive suite with custom bedding. Everything is flawlessly assembled to satisfy your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. It hangs precisely and fits nicely.

The fabric choice can be used on high-head beds for additional decorative flare, tying the entire look together, in addition to custom draperies, bedding, and decorative pillows.

Thanks to our experts your furniture will get a new lease on life

You might have to deal with new color changes, new design requirements, or a more contemporary style if you're performing some interior remodeling for your home or business. Choosing the proper fabric is crucial, and we can help with our expertise and wide range of top-quality textiles in the newest patterns.

We have too many fabric and leather alternatives to mention them all on our website, but we do offer a huge selection of time-honored, modern, and fashionable designs and textures for a fresh new appearance and feel.

sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the Glaxy sofa Upholstery & Slipcovers is your one-stop shop for all your furniture upholstery and restoration requirements. In addition to bespoke furniture, slipcovers, cushions, and fabric, we also offer furniture repair, woodworking, and upholstery service.

We serve Abu Dhabi with pride. We provide services for both homes and businesses. We offer cloth for upholstery. We also provide interior designer consultations at clients' homes. The entire UAE is covered by our pick-up and delivery services. There isn't much we can do in terms of our industry. This offers a high degree of ease to our customers.

Sofa Restoration of Furniture

Complete furniture restoration is one of our specializations in addition to furniture reupholster. Your couch or chair will be stripped down to its basic frame, repaired, and stained before having the springs and padding replaced, new cushions made, and the upholstery restored.

Additionally, we repair and refinish wood furniture, including antiques and items that have been flooded. Dining chairs, headboards, cornice boxes, love seats, couches, restaurant booths, banquettes, and lounge chairs are just a few of the items we can restore.

Unique Furniture

We create one-of-a-kind, expensive custom furniture that is affordable and will last for many generations in your family. Compared to furniture sold in furniture stores, the quality of our custom-made furniture is significantly higher.

Our handcrafted, handmade couches, stools, chairs, ottomans, beds, and benches are carefully customized to suit your unique preferences and requirements.

Simply provide us with a thorough description, a drawing, or a photo of what you want done, and we will get it done. We also provide interior design consultations from qualified professionals who can support you with your furniture design ideas. Custom living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture are also available from us.

Designed by experts

The most effective and exciting solution is to redesign your old piece with sofa upholstery designs. In general, sofas are regarded as the centerpiece of any room's design. You must be thinking about replacing your old sofas if you want to renovate your home.

It would be challenging for you to discover the ideal blend of sofas for your room with the thousands of options accessible, but buying a new or used sofa would be cost-effective.

Restoration of your old sofa into a new one

Your old sofa could use some repair, and you could alter it to match the style of your home. For many years, we have worked to provide sofa upholstery services in Dubai to give a new life to many old, damaged pieces.

We are a well-known brand for providing services for repairing sofa upholstery with new sofa upholstery designs in Abu Dhabi. The majority of house décor is centered on sofas. It serves as the main piece of furniture in the living room, bedroom, and even outside.

However, a sofa might eventually get damaged or out of date. Most upholstery shops for couches, beds, and chairs now carry fresh upholstery designs and patterns. Your sofa now has a luxurious appearance that was lacking in earlier times.

bed headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Bed Headboards Upholstery Abu Dhabi

We have been engaged in the manufacture of specialized furniture. Since people spend so much time in the bedroom, it has been established by many years in the custom furniture market that customers demand the best.

Customers want a top-notch product at a fair price with the kind of attentive customer service you'd expect from a business that takes pride in what it does. In response, we are here.

All of our headboards are created and produced on-site at our headboard manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. You are making a direct purchase from the producer. We have a very excellent portfolio of headboard designs. Our collection is quite stylish and will enhance the beauty of your space.


Each hand-crafted luxury headboard and bed frame is created upon request. You can pick your bed's size, style, height, attachment type, and fabric for the upholstery. Every one of our goods is lovingly handcrafted to order. We focus on high quality and low volume.

Different shapes and sizes

Our plain upholstered headboards are a great blank canvas that you can customize to fit the style of your room. You can decide whether the back will have piping to indicate the edge or be left plain for a more streamlined appearance.

Choose from six different shapes and two different heights 76 cm for 5 cm, or 100 cm for 8 cm of foam thickness. The height measurement includes the board that rests behind the mattress by around 13 cm, in addition to the height above the mattress. In order to receive a quote, please get in touch with us and let us know what you need.


We have all the equipment required to produce and alter the frames for our upholstered headboards in-house. In our workshop, we have a group of talented furniture designers, carpenters, and upholsterers. We promise never to let you down with our services. We are equipped with all the modern machinery and modern methods.


We ask you to select the color or fabric that you want. More than 200 high-quality fire retardant upholstery fabrics are offered for all of our products. Place a free fabric swatch order online. The material we use in our store is 100% of good quality. So that you can make your room look attractive. We bought huge bundles of fabrics.


Our typical lead time is between 10 and 15 business days. Need your product more quickly? If necessary, we can manufacture it within a few days (charges may apply). Visit our store in Abu Dhabi. Our prices are reasonable and we will never disappoint you with our services.

All of your demands and requirements are met by our store's complete furnishing. We promise to offer you high-quality services at a reasonable cost. If you're looking for a unique color or pattern, you've come to the perfect place. Our store has every shade of each color, which will enhance the beauty of your room.

We thought that people wanted something distinctive for their bedrooms because they were sick of the same old mass-produced headboards. We are more certain than ever that our conviction was correct thanks to the favorable response to our company when we first launched it and our subsequent success.

Do you have any query to discuss please call direct here.

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