Used AC, Fridge, Washing Machine for sale in Abu Dhabi

Electronics (Appliances) have a very important role in our daily life. We buy and sell all kinds of used appliances in Abu Dhabi like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Electric Cooker, Gas Cooker, Dryer, Oven and Chillers etc. We have used furniture and electronics store located in M-40 but we serve the whole Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Our store is full of all kinds of appliances for sale. We buy used washing machine, fridge and ac in Abu Dhabi.

Our prices are very reliable compare to all over the market. Our main focus is on to building friendly relation with our clients. We have more than 30 clients to deal daily. The process to reach is very simple just contact us through direct call or whatsapp and send us photo of the appliance which you want to sell, our supervisor will give you price according to the quality and condition of you appliance. Also if you are looking to buy used fridge, ac and other appliances then just take direction from our google map and directly you will come to the store and choose according to your choice.

Used AC for Sale in Abu Dhabi

AC is the most essential and important appliance for human life who lives in Abu Dhabi the state of UAE.

We have all kinds of used ac for sale in Abu Dhabi. It's used but in working condition it will good for you because it worth 70% cheaper than buying brand new air conditioner. We have all kinds of used air conditioiners in Abu Dhabi like window ac, split ac, portable, floor mounted, hybrid, smart, central and ductless mini split air conditioner.

Our air conditioners are used but it not means that it will dirty or not work properly. You will get a clean and disinfected ac because we replace the filter and clean the pipes properly. This is for you if you are looking used air conditioner for sale in Abu Dhabi.

We are the buyers as well we buy all kinds of second hand ac if someone want to sell their air conditioner so we buy from them and then we make it fully functional replacing any damaged parts etc. In last our supervisor check with thermostate before we keep it for sale in store.

used ac for sale in abu dhabi

We specialize in selling, installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning in Abu Dhabi, coolers, and electricity. We work with all brands in air conditioning Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, heating Junkers, Saunier Duval, Roca, Ferroli, Ariston, and in domestic hot water, Thermor, Fleck, Cointreau, and if you want to Old Ac Sale in Abu Dhabi or Used inverter.

Purchasing air conditioning from our company is much easier than you think. We maintain a higher level of quality in all brands, both in the products we install, the installation process, and subsequent maintenance. We install all used air conditioning systems and work with manufacturers, including DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, LG, FUJITSU, SAMSUNG, and National. Gree, Hair, and Orient come with a three-month warranty on the equipment and the installation.

We are concerned about the client. We always strive to provide the best price-quality ratio for our products. We constantly communicate with manufacturers and suppliers to stay up to date with the latest offers in the sector and ensure that you benefit from them. We do not give anything away; we pay attention to the best discounts and provide them to you to save money.

Used split ac for sale in Abu Dhabi

We buy and sell all kinds of used split air conditioners in Abu Dhabi. Split ac is easy in installation and also it give's extra good look to your interior design. We have available many types of split ac in good and clean condition. The condition is guaranteed we'll give proper functional used ac in Abu Dhabi on guarantee. We are the biggest and most professional used appliance buyers located in M-40 Mussafah. If you want to buy new ac and sell the old one then we are the best choice for you because we'll pay according to the quality and condition. But don't worry you will get good payment if your ac is not very damaged.

Used window ac for sale

As we are the all kinds of appliance buyers we buy and sell window air conditioners in good and normal condition. If you want to sell your old ac and buy used but in good quality this shop is very suitable for you. Window ac is more cooler and strong than split and centeral. We do work in all cities of Abu Dhabi from Al Ain to Ruwais. You can talk to us by just clicking on call or whatsapp icons in bottom of the page.

Ac installation repair and maintenance in Abu Dhabi

As a biggest store of used appliances we have expert technicians and installers in our shop. If you want to install ac in Abu Dhabi so we have the well-trained technical team who can install and fix all kinds of air conditioners as you need. We do also maintenance and repair service if your appliance not working properly or dirty then our technical team repair and clean the whole ac including pipes and compressor. We do all kinds of ac repair Abu Dhabi all over the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Used fridge for sale in Abu Dhabi

We buy and sell all kinds of used refrigerators in Abu Dhabi. We buy it from clients and then repair if there any problem in appliance and then selling to the next customer fully functional with guarantee. Our store is full of all kinds of appliances and furniture you will get all brands here according to your choice.

We do trading of all kinds of used fridge in Abu Dhabi like single door refrigerator, double door refrigerator, top freezer, side by side refrigerator, french door refrigerator, etc. We do home delivery and home pickup service as well if you want to buy or sell used refrigerator don't worry about how to pickup and delivery. We have available pickup with driver who will come to your location on your fixed time.

You will be very happy if you buy used fridge from us because our refrigerators are well-maintained like new one. Also if you have used refrigerator for sale in Abu Dhabi then the payment will be according to the quality of your appliance. We replace damaged parts and make it fully functional.

buy sell used fridge abu dhabi

We are the UAE's largest single platform with various services. We are a one-stop shop for everything, whether you want to sell your old home appliances or buy used home appliances in Abu Dhabi.

If you want to get alleviate an old or used fridge in the UAE without having to go through the conflict of doing it yourself, we can help.

With us, you will receive a wide range of used refrigerators for sale in Abu Dhabi services. So you don't have to be tense about anything in your life. We have an endless supply of options at reasonable prices.

We provide phone support and online customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find incredible deals with us that you won't find anywhere else in the UAE. We are purchasing a used refrigerator for sale in Abu Dhabi and all used home appliances.

The list goes on; we assist you in selling your items without requiring you to register on our website. Simply call us, and we will look over the rest of the process for you.

Many people look for places that can take care of their used appliances when upgrading their old refrigerators or other old appliances. So they start looking for places that will either buy or trade-in their old appliances for new ones.

If you are browsing for the same thing, your search is over. We have you covered in all aspects. Whether you want to upgrade your used appliance to the latest technology, you are looking for a new machine because you have recently moved houses, or you want to sell your old fridge in the UAE.

What to do if damaged your used refrigerator in Abu Dhabi

If your fridge not cooling properly then you have the best offer to contact us and deal with us by selling it and buying another one which properly work. We buy used refrigerator in Abu Dhabi if you are facing any problem in your appliance. Our supervisor will give you the price and once agree driver will come to take the item and give you the fixed amount. It's very easy for you because we'll give you very fit refrigerator to you.

We deal with all kinds of used appliances in Abu Dhabi if you have washing machine, fridge, air conditioner, cooker and other electronics as well. Our prices are very reliable and valuable according to the quality.

Buy and sell used washing machines in Abu Dhabi

It is no mystery that washing clothes by hand can be very trying. Owning a washing machine is now a given, given that electronic appliances have become necessary in today's fast-paced world. However, purchasing electronic devices for the home can be a difficult task! Don't worry. Our Abu Dhabi store has you covered.

We offer both in-store and online home delivery services. While looking for a washing machine that will meet your needs, you can take advantage of the reasonable pricing and weekend offers available on our store website.

We buy and sell all types of washing machines and guarantee complete satisfaction. We sell all of the market's leading international brands. We have a huge range of washing machines. We buy and sell all types of washing machines, new and used, and we will assist you in any way we can.

We have automatic washing machines with many features, such as a hefty load capacity and a Wi-Fi control system, as well as manual washing machines with efficient water and detergent usage systems for economically washing clothes.

Because of the numerous options available, purchasing electronic appliances can be complicated and confusing. To help you out, our store website has a 'Add to Compare' option where you can shortlist different washing machines and add them to a compare list. When you open the compare list, you will see all of your options in a grid view, making it easier to compare them and make the best decision.

Do you want to buy or sell your used appliances in Abu Dhabi?

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