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Glaxy Furniture Repair Abu Dhabi

An Abu Dhabi based company that offers high-quality wood furniture repair and refinishing services. We are excellent woodworkers with many years of experience restoring and wooden furniture repair.

We refurnish kitchen cabinets for your new or old homes, remodels, and improvements, so if you already own a property or are planning to do so, contact us. Furthermore, we will also repair your of furniture into new one.

We also refurbish bathroom cabinets. Whether you want your cabinets to match throughout the house or for each room to have a different, individual aesthetic, we can develop the aesthetic you want.

Your furniture's aesthetic appeal will be diminished by furniture repair in Abu Dhabi. On any piece of furniture we can do the job fast without endangering the finish.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to add the final touches to a treasured piece to help make your home stand out since we also refinish furniture and antiques. Your wood objects can either receive a complete stripping and refinishing or a light touch-up.

We Provide Wood Repair and Reupholstering

Our business specializes in fixing and restoring a wide range of household and office furniture. Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge in caring for many sorts of furniture, including hardwood, leather, and upholstered pieces. View the listings of services we provide below. Contact us by phone or email to arrange a repair.

Maintaining Classic Elegance

Let us assist you in maintaining the beauty of your antique furniture repair in Abu Dhabi. To update the appearance of your interiors, we employ a variety of high-quality finishing materials, including lacquers, stains, and gold leaf. We also offer solutions for bespoke color matching.

How to Restore Leather Furniture?

To refresh and upgrade the appearance of your upholstery, we replace the seat cushions, foam, and padding. Our staff provides effective solutions for re-dyeing, cleaning, and conditioning leather furniture.

Furniture Services in Motion

To ensure that repairs are made correctly the first time, manufacturers have trained our furniture professionals. We fix a variety of used furniture, adjustable beds, and patient lift chairs.

Claims for Warranty Repairs

To have your furniture repairs covered, we collaborate with a variety of furniture retailers and producers. We hope you will trust our Furniture Repair in Abu Dhabi the next time you require a dependable and efficient upholstery business in Abu Dhabi. Here are a few arguments in favor of you:

  • We are a small company in Abu Dhabi that is locally owned and run
  • Numerous furniture cushioning treatments are offered by our furniture store
  • We provide service in Abu Dhabi and the neighboring region
  • Our team is helpful, knowledgeable, and diligent
  • We provide some of the best pricing in the region

If you want to buy used furniture in Abu Dhabi instead of repair your damaged then we can help you to give you furniture and appliances according to your budget.

Furniture Repair Shop in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the furniture repair shop in Abu Dhabi, where we can restore your broken furniture using the best services we have to offer. We are a preferred Abu Dhabi-based firm for caring for and repairing furniture. We have upgraded and restored many clients' upholstered, leather, and hardwood furniture.

We are one of the most trusted furniture repair brands in Abu Dhabi. Our company will provide quality services and fix your broken furniture.

Skilled expert carpenters

Only premium components are used by our skilled furniture technicians to produce outstanding outcomes. We have comprehensive solutions for you, regardless of the damage or problem. We provide home furniture repair services along with office furniture and any type of broken furniture. Our skilled staff will fix it for you.

Our highly qualified specialists can provide rapid and expert upholstery solutions. Give us a call to make an appointment. We are happy to serve residences and businesses in and around Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. We are happy to serve residences and businesses.

Outstanding customer repair service

We priorities delivering the highest degree of client satisfaction imaginable at our company. To deliver solutions that go above and beyond expectations, we go above and beyond. Only high-quality, punctual, and dependable services are provided, and they are all reasonably priced. If you have any questions, you may call us at any time.

We are a family-run company in Abu Dhabi that specializes in furniture repair. With more than year of industry experience, we have assisted local commercial and residential clients with their furniture care and repair projects. We also provide services for a furniture repair shop in Abu Dhabi.

We make sure that, as a family-run company, everything we do is based on our steadfast core values, which include quality, excellence, and honesty. With every client who visits us, we try to develop a relationship.

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Sofa repair Abu Dhabi

You've come to the proper site if you need assistance with the Sofa Repair Abu Dhabi Service. Our furniture repair specialists have been offering Sofa Repair Services for many years and deliver outstanding outcomes at a very reasonable cost.

We offer services for any and all sofa repair needs, no matter how big or small. Any form of sofa repair you could need can be handled by the qualified staff at our sofa repair service.

Working with a sofa repair service is always the best option when you require professional services in a highly contemporary manner. Although it could appear to be a fairly straightforward task, renowned service guarantees that you'll be pleased with the exceptional results. We are a reputable firm in Abu Dhabi that provides services for carpenter furniture repair.

  • To reduce bagginess brought on by use, polyester fiber, which is typically used in sofa back cushions and occasionally in seat cushions, can be increased or replaced.
  • We can also recommend having any of your sofas reupholstered. Your old sofa doesn't need to be thrown away because our sofa repair services may provide a complete re-covering to your preferences.
  • If new components are needed, they can be provided more easily and more affordably upon your request.

How does the sofa repairman perform the best possible leather repairs?

With our specialized kits, we can patch up holes and scrapes in leather sofas while using the same dyes and materials that were used to burn the leather.

The leather of the sofa can be repaired thanks to our training. Even a hole in a leather sofa seat can be suddenly fixed.


Therefore, whether it is from an aesthetic or architectural standpoint, every one of our professionals has received comprehensive training in the Sofa Repair Abu Dhabi. We have successfully fixed furniture for tens of thousands of residential and commercial customers.

Bed Repair in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the bed repair services company in Abu Dhabi. Changes into your bedrooms can be just decorative or practical. Bed Repair in Abu Dhabi is only a phone call away, whether you need to introduce a new design, increase comfort, or rejuvenate style. Our repair firm is aware that replacing your bed would be expensive and that it may have been rather pricey. Fortunately, there is a fix.

The best answer is to use a bed repair service. In most cases, your mended bed will feel just like brand-new furniture, saving you money and preserving the relaxed atmosphere of your living room.

The alignment of the bed is just little off. Even when you move the bed roughly, it could happen. Or a variety of others! The headboard or footboard and bed rails could both crack at the same time or develop weak connections.

When we visit to fix your damaged bed slats, our Repairs Service will inspect the entire structure to ensure it is stable and durable. If there are any additional issues you need to be aware of, our professionals will guide you.


We are aware that bed repair has numerous facets. As part of our great service approach, we will first identify all of your demands before tackling their skilled and effective discussion.

We work hard to keep you at the top of our list of priorities at every level of the process, and we always appreciate the chance to get your feedback or learn from your experience fixing various types of furniture. Fortunately, Bed Repair Abu Dhabi Service can make your bed no matter what.

When it comes to dealing with potentially problematic materials like leather, we are the furniture renovation experts. Even if you have reservations about a particular bed rescue option, just ask one of our specialists for advice, so we can help you determine your best options.


Maintaining your room in excellent condition should be one of your top concerns if you want to keep it useful and looking wonderful at the same time. It's crucial that you have your cupboards repair shop or if they're in bad shape because they have a significant impact on the look and usefulness of your room.

You can preserve your cupboards in the best shape possible at all times with the aid of our expert cupboard repair company.

Since each of our workers is a certified expert with years of training and expertise, we can always maintain your cupboards in the greatest shape. Regardless of how small or huge the project is, our team of professionals will put in a lot of effort to give you the best furniture repairs available.

Refaced cupboards that look brand new

The cupboards boxes and frames are frequently still in excellent shape, but the doors and drawer fronts frequently need to be fixed, polished, or replaced. Our experts can provide cupboard repair shop in this situation. While leaving the interior of the cupboards alone to save you time and money, we'll reface the cupboards to enhance the look of your room.

Technique for repairing a cupboard

Whether from moisture damage or normal wear and tear, your cabinet can sustain damage at any time. This procedure takes a fraction of the time and money required to replace the cabinets while entirely updating the ones in your room.

Our experts will be able to evaluate the state of your cabinets and collaborate with you to choose the level of care that the repairs and refinishing services require. Whatever it takes, we'll make sure that you're delighted with the end product.

Your cupboard damage will be easy to discover and fix thanks to our home furniture repair services. We'll make sure they're in excellent condition, so they can be completely appealing and useful.

Carpentry workshop Abu Dhabi

Our carpentry workshop Abu Dhabi services will Build, Construct, Install & many more services will be provided to you by our company. With a years' experience, our professionals are skilled carpenter contract builders. We install and build fireplace mantels, cabinets, bookcases, wooden countertops and more.

Crown Molding Installation & Repair and paints

With a new coat of paint, any room, exterior, or piece of furniture may be revitalized. You may get help from our knowledgeable team of home renovation specialists whether you require interior or exterior painting. What we all agree on is a fantastic paint job. And it is our intention to live up to your standards for professionalism and attention to detail.

Installing crown molding properly is important for adding both value and style to your home. From colonial to modern and more, our insured professionally handle this detail-oriented, transformative carpentry job.

Custom Bookcases & Shelving

We construct pre-assembled shelving units from stores as well as create shelves and bookcases from scratch to satisfy requirements that many major manufacturers can't, whether they involve unusual measurements, shelf spacing, special doors, or unique types of wooden furniture repair and other design components.

Custom Mantels & Cabinets

Our remodeling specialists have experience creating cabinets and mantels for any area, according to the specifications and in the style you choose. If your home requires more storage, ask your local about adding a set of beautiful, custom cabinets that were created just for it.

We cover carpenter workshop Abu Dhabi services for most flooring types in the services we provide, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, and more. All of our team members are certified and insured home improvement specialists. With just one call and no trouble, you can count on your neighborhood room to handle all of your flooring projects.

Furniture carpenter Abu Dhabi

A person expects their home to be exactly how they want it to be. Of all the home appliances, furniture and furnishings are one of the most crucial items to think about while creating the home of your dreams.

Furniture may assist you in decorating your home in a way that combines comfort and design to provide the most calming sensation and appearance, which may enable you to create a wonderful environment in your home. Our furniture carpenter store Abu Dhabi is a place you may look forward to if you're looking for the most opulent design and comfort all at once.

Most of the best furniture that customers can obtain is what we offer. In discussing the interior design, modular kitchen, organized bedroom, office room, and other areas of a house that can handle it, you may make it your own. If consumers are seeking a reputable and reliable furniture carpenter in Dubai, they may count on Furniture Carpenter Abu Dhabi to provide the finest quality carpentry.

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