Glaxy Local Custom Made Furniture Abu Dhabi

Glaxy is a professional furniture maker in Abu Dhabi. We do design all types of custom made furniture by the help of professional and expert furniture carpenters. Are you looking to design your dream furniture in local quality. We are here to help you in all kinds of houses, villas and offices custom made furniture in Abu Dhabi.

You can hire our supervisor to your home and he will inspect the area for where you want to make custom made furniture. Supervisor will get the details according to your requirements and give you an estimated price.

local custom made furniture abu dhabi

Local Custom Made Furniture Abu Dhabi

Our Furniture is an Abu Dhabi-based, full-service retailer of locally made furniture. We offer a broad selection of top-rated brand new and used/pre-owned bespoke office furniture supplies.

To get a basic idea of the types of office and residential furniture we provide, browse our gallery. Alternatively, stop by our furniture showroom to see the alternatives up close. You can also take advantage of our local custom furniture services if you can't find the goods you're looking for or just want to carry out a certain vision or design.

We have decades of collective expertise as insiders in the industry. We assist the community since we are aware of your needs via experience.

Best custom made furniture

As a business started by an interior designer, we are aware of how difficult it is to find a trustworthy and reasonable supplier of high-quality custom furniture. Working with our experienced designers has a special place in our hearts, and we want to make sure you share that sentiment.

We are aware that you frequently pass on trade reductions to your customers, but we still feel you merit a special "thank you" for your efforts.

Locally customized office furniture

You undoubtedly have a specific idea in mind for the desks and chairs when designing an office arrangement. You might desire a certain kind of office furniture that reflects the ideals and character of your company. But it can be challenging to establish a precise design for your objectives.

You might come across furniture designs that are somewhat similar to what you had in mind, but it's uncommon to find something that exactly matches what you had in mind.

We'll make ordering personalized office furniture simple. You can view our gallery to see an example of the different styles of used and new office furniture we have to offer.

Although the choices on our website don't match those in our showroom, they give you a decent indication of the kinds of furniture we have to offer.

You can choose whether you want to implement a fully new furniture design or change an existing piece of furniture after looking through the used and new furniture designs on our website and showroom.

They will also provide direction and qualified counsel to assist you in effectively putting your concept into practice. We will place your order once we have handled all the requirements and drawn.

Local custom made home furniture design

To meet the particular requirements of your property, you can alter any order and adjust your proportions. We make everything from scratch, and we can also help you repair antiques or copies of antiques.

Our employees have years of experience making unique wood furniture. We are honored to support this neighborhood and would value your feedback. We can also make local deliveries for your convenience, so you won't have to move our lovely furniture yourself.

Additionally, we aim to maintain an open and transparent channel of communication with you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don't be shy about asking.

You can engage with our custom home furniture makers to carry out your unique aesthetic goals rather than settling for someone else's furniture design. Our designers will create a plan for your office after carefully considering your objectives and making sure it properly reflects your vision.

Kitchen Furniture Abu Dhabi

Kitchen Furniture Abu Dhabi

Glaxay local is one of the best customize furniture store in Abu Dhabi. We create stunning, cutting-edge modern kitchens for cooking, dining, and entertaining. Our Glaxay locals custom made kitchen furniture, a well-known kitchen manufacturer, was founded to combine English cabinet building quality with German ergonomic efficiency and Italian design.

Glaxay local custom-made kitchen furniture proudly offers high-end architectural woodwork solutions for market enterprises and exquisite residential residences.

Clients, visitors, and other visitors are immediately sent a clear message of success and attention to detail by the glaxay local custom-made kitchen work. If you're looking for prestigious, top-notch architectural work solutions that will positively continue your heritage for centuries.

Custom-made kitchen furniture

Our premium furniture and specialised cabinets are made to order in Abu Dhabi. We make incredibly durable, premium-grade items with a high-end finish. To fit your lifestyle, our incredibly talented and knowledgeable artisans construct modern or contemporary furniture. Our furniture is manufactured to order based on the functionality and aesthetics that you desire.

Use of strong wood in your kitchen

Our cabinetry is strong because we use time-honored methods like mortise and tenon joints and dovetail joints. We install high-quality, easy-to-clean, smoothly gliding solid steel butt hinges on all of our doors and soft-close quick-release drawers.

All of our kitchen doors are constructed "in-frame," meaning they are not installed externally like less expensive units that sag with time, but rather inside a frame like a classic piece of furniture.

Since we have been designing and creating kitchen furniture for more than a decade, we are confident that our processes provide our clients with the most useful, gorgeous, and durable kitchen furniture imaginable.

No two of our kitchens are ever the same because each one is uniquely planned and constructed for each individual client.

Furnish every corner of your kitchen and make it attractive

Every home is different, so there are instances when conventional sizes or finishes won't do. Nobody wants to be stuck with a kitchen they don't fully enjoy after making a major investment like buying or customizing new kitchen furniture for their home.

We carry on a heritage of fine carpentry and kitchen table chairs done without cutting corners. To create stunning and enduring kitchen cabinets, drawers, and table chair set. We only use the best natural timbers.

High quality durable work with affordable price

Our distinctive accents, which are made of natural oak, add warmth to our sleek, contemporary kitchen units. We like to experiment with modern aesthetics, such as crisp lines and stunning color blocks, and we strive to push boundaries.

All of our kitchen pieces are built of solid wood and are designed for customers that value affordability without sacrificing quality.

To provide our cabinets with the maximum amount of strength during construction, we use this kind of joint. Their five-piece, rural-style doors frequently place them in the traditional category. All of our doors are in-frame mounted.

You can create a distinctive kitchen in any way. You may choose from an infinite number of handles and colors to give this classic style a contemporary touch, making it extremely adaptable. We provide all of the above services in a very affordable price.

custom made garden furniture

Custom Made Garden Furniture

Our team of highly trained joiners has years of experience creating elegant wooden garden furniture in various designs. Even though we have a variety of memorial benches, seats, and tables that may be ordered, we have always understood that some gardens have limitations or unique requirements.

The ideal spot can be a small space, or you might choose a jointed bench that circles a central tree completely. Perhaps you'd prefer a seat that extends the whole height of the fence or a smaller design with handles and wheels on one side. Whatever the circumstances, we are confident that, thanks to our ingenuity and wealth of expertise, we can fulfill your dream.

Cost of garden furniture in Abu Dhabi

The cost of furniture in Abu Dhabi is quite reasonable; you can buy it for a low price and the quality is also excellent. The professionals at our store offer a truly international choice of high-quality traditional furniture that blends seamlessly with traditional home décor, with a huge selection ideal for every décor.


You can easily find the ideal blend of color, style, and material that will turn your room into a space of enduring beauty and relaxation, regardless of whether your taste in furniture is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, thanks to the experts' wide selection of styles and finishes. With the touch of the handcrafted, top-notch furniture offered, your home will dazzle.

Not simply for private gardens.

While factors like ambiance, degree of privacy, and inspiration are influenced by the surroundings, more is required to ensure comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Here's where our custom-made wooden garden furniture comes in, allowing you the ability to create one-of-a-kind items that perfectly capture the character of your house and your unique taste.

There are several benefits to custom items. Uniqueness is the most obvious advantage because the product will be painstakingly made to your exact specifications. With examples like extra-large pergolas, curved seats, and even furniture on wheels, we can satisfy any need.

expertly crafted wood etching by hand.

A bench or gazebo with engravings or plaques installed is a common choice. It might be done in a loved one's honor, to share a favorite quotation, or even to offer a humorous insight or joke. Your wooden bench will be completely filled with individuality by adding this truly one-of-a-kind touch, making it a prized property and a great topic of conversation.

Then you might discover that one is insufficient. Several of our customers have requested a personalized bench, followed by orders for more benches. Some people have even added tables, pergolas, and gazebos to these, creating a complete set of garden furniture designed specifically for the area.

We have design and construction skills.
  • individual, inventive garden tables
  • Simple benches with two or three seats
  • L-or U-shaped benches look fantastic in the proper setting.
  • If you haven't experienced a swing bed, you don't know what you're missing! Simple swing benches are also available.
  • Simple square or rectangular tables are also available, as well as gorgeous hardwood tables in any size or shape to fit you’re sitting area.
  • Custom-built exterior shelving can be made to fit any area you have and be used to store a variety of items.
Bedroom Furniture Abu Dhabi

Bedroom Furniture Abu Dhabi

A bedroom suite, also known as a bedroom set, is an accumulation of distinct furniture pieces used in a bedroom or a guest bedroom. Bedroom furniture includes wardrobes, chests, dressers, chairs, nightstands, lamps, mirrors, and loungers. Nightstands and bookcases, as well as other unusual pieces of bedroom furniture, are examples of unique bedroom furniture.

As you can see, it is simple to mix and match furnishings to create the ideal design for your bed. Bedroom sets frequently include nightstands, bedside lamps, and light switches.

If you have a large master suite and want to nap in generously sized comfort, king bedroom sets are a fabulous choice. Dressers, chests, nightstands, mirrors, and, of course, a king-size bed are included in this stylish furniture.

You can find a fantastic bedroom set for your house right here at our store, in everything from traditional designs to something a little more unusual and modern. Read on to learn just a few incredible and motivational ideas.

The bedroom everyone wants to have

Make your bedroom feel like a palace with magnificent, ornately carved motifs. Solid wood king bedroom sets can add a touch of elegance. You'll feel like a king or queen thanks to elaborate accents like carved features around the headboard, footboard, and drawer fronts.

Chic accents present on each piece of furniture will help you create a dazzling environment. Choose king bedroom sets with elegant accents, such as mirrored inlays, crystal hardware or drawer knobs, and velvet upholstery on an arch-shaped headboard topped with button tufting.

Farmhouse Style

For a touch of farmhouse style, surround yourself with soft colors and distressed wood. Try king bedroom sets constructed of solid wood with bleached finishes or hues like milk and grey for an inviting touch if you love the shabby chic look.

Enhance the look of your bedroom with gorgeous, well-made king bedroom sets in a variety of styles. Whether you genuinely love the rustic style or prefer something a bit more modern, it's all right here for you.

Bring bold pieces into your living space, like dressers and bed frames, accented with intricately carved accents. Glamorous styles incorporate materials such as mirrors and crystals into the design.

A configurable set allows you to select the tables and chairs that will suit your unique requirements, and you'll adore the transition to your new master suite.

Modern bedroom furniture

Furniture stores are where you may discover the perfect bed, headboard and footboard, sleigh bed, poster bed, bookcase bed, canopy bed, upholstered headboard, daybed, loft bed, captain's bed, chest of drawers, nightstand, chest, armoire, bedroom set, master bedroom, or kid's room. The location of the furniture is ideal for Abu Dhabi shoppers.

Traditional bedroom furniture sets are known throughout the world for their timeless beauty, and their simple lines and rich variety of designs remain popular year after year.

Spend the afternoon in any regular home and you'll see how quickly a classic design can transform into a warm and traditional space. Many people prefer the more contemporary look of contemporary and modern bedroom furniture.

Living Room Furniture Abu Dhabi

Custom Made Living Room Furniture Maker

Welcome to Glaxy's Abu Dhabi showroom for locally built custom furniture. We are committed to making your shopping experience as easy and convenient as we can with our unmatched selection and low, guaranteed prices.

The best part is that you won't have to wait long for your furniture because we provide same-day delivery! Shop online, visit one of our showrooms, or explore for the greatest buying experience.

Over 150 living rooms, 115 dining rooms, and 100 bedrooms are among the many top brands we provide to complement any design theme.

Whether you prefer the sleek, contemporary look of leather or the plush feel of the upholstery, shop at the furniture store for all your living room furniture needs.

We offer the widest selection of sofas, sectionals, reclining sofas, sleeper sofas, love seats, chairs, ottomans, recliners, and much more to assist you in furnishing your home. You can count on our excellent staff to make the most of your furniture shopping experience.

We understand that looking for furniture can be stressful; therefore we are here to help.


Are you looking forward to purchasing living room furniture for your house? Would you be interested in working with a dependable supplier with a spotless record in this industry? If so, you've come to the perfect site because individuals who shop for living room sets always choose us first.

You can find a great range of affordable living room furniture on our website to suit all tastes and budgets. Our elegant furniture sets are suitable for a wide range of decors and are sure to catch your eye. We are the top option for people looking to furnish their living rooms, largely due to the variety and high quality of our furniture.

Budget-friendly for customers

We are well aware that different people have various choices in furniture, so it is our pleasure to provide you with a wide selection of contemporary living room furniture that you are sure to adore.

No matter what style of living room you are looking for or how much money you have to spend, we are certain you will find it on our website. We provide both contemporary and modern settings, and our product variety is astounding.

Beautifully crafted by experianced designers.

Every one of our sets is sophisticated, cozy, useful, and built to last. Because we have a wide selection of living room sets on our website, you won't have to compromise on color, material, or style when you purchase with us. We are providing them with top-quality goods at unbeatable prices.

Also available in a wide range of lovely hues are an incredible assortment of couch sets. If you're looking for black and white, beige, purple, or blue, you'll be happy to learn that we have all of these colors on our website, in addition to a tone of other options.

Regarding the components, we should point out that our living room sets are constructed from microfiber, fabric, leather, and velvet. The choice between what you want and what complements your current décor the best is entirely up to you.

Majlis Furniture Abu Dhabi

Arabic Majlis Furniture Abu Dhabi

The Arabic Majlis is ideal for any social gathering. For the Arabian Majlis, we at Glaxy Local Custom made furniture give a sizable room with carpeting on the floor and beautiful wall coverings that make it simple and comfortable for you to sit down on the floor.

That demonstrates how important and delicate the majlis is to you. In order to draw visitors and encourage socializing, our Majlis furniture in Abu Dhabi wants to exude vibrant, hospitable, and inspiring vibrations.

Interior Design of an Arabic Majlis in Abu Dhabi

We have a reputation for having the greatest Majlis interior design with deals and discounts because of our locally made furniture. It has an amazing presentation, is beautiful, and has exceptional quality and upholstery.

We specialize in offering the most exclusive, easily accessible Arab Majlis in Abu Dhabi. The main and most essential element of any majlis is its interior design, which must be perfect.

We are roomy and exquisitely furnished for our clients, with custom made furniture like sofas or cushions that coordinate with the rest of the interior's colors, styles, and textures.

We are the best at providing Arabic Majlis

In terms of color, style, or height, has a look at our furniture store for our Arab majlis because we've sold the best kinds of products. The inherent beauty of the furniture in the Arabic style is enhanced by its theme.

  • We use a variety of high-quality fabrics to make curtains, carpeting, and upholstery.
  • We create chic, trendy majlis goods with a variety of styles, vibrant, alluring colours, and interesting themes.
  • Our products are suitable for allergy sufferers and antimicrobial.
  • We provide goods that are tailored to your specifications and specified specs.
  • We offer home delivery services for sale at your front door.
  • We also offer full installation services for your majlis.
  • We accept both individual and group orders.
  • Our quote includes all costs, including inventory costs, shipping costs, and installation fees.
  • Additionally, one of our members will go to your test location to collect measurements and needs.
Expert designers

We are a well-known majlis producer in Abu Dhabi, and we have a variety of majlis for various event types that thousands of UAE residents like. It can appear to an outsider that it is a tent rather than a space if they see it set up.

One of their best-selling items is their Arabian majlis furniture, which is crafted with high-quality materials. You can order majlis in a wide range of vibrant colors, all with fantastic designs.

We offer prompt installation services at your door without requesting payment. They offer the finest Arabian majlis at a bargain. Experts were involved in its design to cater for everyone's preferences and requirements.

Curtains Design Abu Dhabi

Classic Curtains Design Abu Dhabi

Along with consulting with top house builders and real estate developers, we design and furnish single-family residences, multi-family buildings, and light commercial projects. We also consider the existing space or try to approach it as a blank canvas and design it according to the owner's concept.

Curtains for many kinds of buildings, including homes and offices, are available from Glaxy Local. Depending on your interior design and the climate in your area, we have curtains in a variety of materials.

We can provide you with the simplest curtains to balance the appearance of your room if it has printed carpeting in the living room or bedroom. Additionally, if your home has plain wall-to-wall carpeting, we have printed materials with exotic prints in a range of colours.

You've come to the right place if you want to decorate your home or place of business with the best elegant drapes, curtains, motorized drapes and curtains, motorised window treatments, shades, blinds, luxury drapes, and custom drapes and curtains. The finest selection of curtains and shades are available at Glaxy Local, and they will transform your space.


There are many window covering options available, so pick one that suits your preferences. You might choose Roman Shades, which are made of a single piece of cloth that is folded horizontally down the length of the shade. These folds combine the smooth appearance of a cloth curtain with the practicality of a shade by laying flat against the window while down yet folding up elegantly when lifted.

Electric Curtains

The window covering industry's response to consumer demand for a smarter, simpler, and more convenient home is motorised curtains. Motorized curtains, as their name suggests, rise and lower themselves, saving you the hassle of lifting wires, chains, or even cordless alternatives. Instead, you only need to click one button to quickly raise or lower one, two, three, or even a row of shades.

After all, why shouldn't you be able to operate your shades in the same manner that you can turn on and off your appliances, televisions, laptops, and light switches from a single location in your home?

Stylish Curtains

The needs of the customer are taken into consideration when making handmade curtains. Luxury fabrics are used to make hand-made, tailored curtains and drapes in a variety of styles to match your décor.

Custom drapery is a beautiful solution for light management and may be easily layered with blinds and shades to create sophisticated designs, whether it is for an exquisite dining room or a casual kitchen. For character and a polished appearance, add custom-made fabric valances and a cornice board. A unique set of curtains will make a difference that you can see.

Radiant Shades

The needs of the customer are taken into consideration when making handmade curtains. Custom drapery is a creative solution for light management and may be readily layered with blinds and shades to create fashionable designs, whether they are for a formal dining room or not.

To ensure a properly matched appearance, every custom drape available on Glaxy Furniture is produced to your particular measurements and requirements. Custom curtains will make a difference that you can see.

office furniture Abu Dhabi

Office Furniture Design Abu Dhabi

Glaxy Office Furniture Design is an independent contract dealership that specializes in commercial office design, cubicle design, commercial office space planning, workstations, and office in order to meet your office relocation needs.

We are experts in designing cubicle layouts, planning office spaces, producing, installing, and rearranging the office. The office refurbished Miller cubicles, series 1 & 2 cubicle systems, ethos pace frames, ergonomic task chairs, height-adjustable desks, training and conference room , and case goods are the main focus of our designs.

We provide a large selection of customized office furnishings in Abu Dhabi. If you want to check our interior furniture designs then visit our website or our office.

Glaxy can be used for design, purchase, installation, and maintenance of all elements required for an ideal new or renovated commercial interior and outdoor spaces. Although we are an Abu Dhabi-based office product and design company, we frequently work with clients who have workplaces around the UAE. We have a lot of trusted clients all over Abu Dhabi.

Sales of furniture for businesses and contracts

Our Commercial and Contract Furniture Sales services, which place us among the most reputable office furniture design and contract dealers in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, are dependent on our associations with a carefully chosen group of suppliers.

Services for Commercial Interior furniture Design

Creative business interior design is the first step in creating your new office or interior space. Each step of the process is "crafted" by our business interior design services to reflect the distinct personality, style, and mission of your organization.

We are passionate about modern office interiors.

For companies wishing to give their commercial office spaces a sleek, contemporary vibe, we utilize modern and contemporary office designs as well as full-service strategy. Our area of expertise is decorating entire office buildings with modern office furniture.

Our Abu Dhabi showroom offers a range of modern office furniture, from our office collection to our distinctive, contemporary workstations. Your planning and purchase of office products can be made simple and affordable with the assistance of our skilled staff of advisers.

Tools for Budgeting and Visualizing Office Furniture

Office furnishings are our area of expertise when it comes to outfitting full commercial office buildings. If you need a quick price on office designs and are furnishing an entire workplace, check out our Budget Your Office Tool.

Want to see how these individual workstations and offices will look in different color schemes? Our make it straightforward to explore numerous distinct color schemes and layout options whilst trying to plan and purchase some of our most well-liked contemporary office furnishings.

With the help of our office furniture, the space that characterizes your workday and catches the attention of your team and clients will be entirely refurbished. we will transform your office into a new look.

So that your clients will attract more towards your office interiors creativity. Our office serves as the national planning hub for all of our projects involving furniture for commercial usage.

furniture polish Abu Dhabi

Furniture Polish Abu Dhabi

Glaxy has focused on repairing and restoring priceless furniture ever since it opened for business. In addition to chair repair, door repair, cabinet repair, replacing broken chair spindles and dowels, gluing and clamping, and a large stock of specialty hardwoods and veneers for recreating components or matching veneer, we also provide a variety of other services.

It specializes in removing wax and gloss off fine furniture while preserving the original finish.

Do you think your worn-out, wooden furniture could use a touch-up? Maybe you want to alter the hue to something more modern? We may produce a bespoke hue to fit your fashionable decor, or we can match almost any color or stain.

Furniture polishing techniques for experts

We are Exceptional at applying varnish and polish. bed conversions, turn missing clock finals and duplication, headboard and footboard repair, lathe work, grandfather clock cabinet finishing, restoration, and full to queen.

Refinishing of table tops, manufacturing Repair and replacement of veneer to high standards for ivory and wood carving repair slate and marble, and is an expert at applying gold and silver leaf Refinishing a conference table wooden trophy and sculpture repair, as well as used furniture repair and refinishing for water damage.

Furniture Done Professionally

While you might be tempted to polish your wood furniture yourself, it can be very difficult to navigate the world of commercial furniture polish. If your piece wasn't manufactured to order, many makers may offer cleaning advice and perhaps even specific brands of polish. Most likely, silicone oil, which can damage antique furniture, is present in the polishes you purchase at home improvement stores.

Professional Touch Up Services

We offer cost-effective options that are far less expensive than purchasing brand-new furniture. When a piece of has a scratch but the rest of the piece is still in good condition, we can hot-fill the hole, polish and buff the item if the sheen has worn off, and fix the scratch if the piece has a gouge.

The cost of each of the treatments listed in this paragraph is far lower than the cost of having the entire item restored. Therefore, if there is only slight wear and tear or damage, or if all the damage is concentrated in one area, these are the answers for you.

Shipping and Pickup

We provide pick-up and delivery services in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding areas. Depending on the conditions, other regions can be acceptable. We will relocate your antiques and other furniture that is priceless or important to you in order to prevent any moving-related damage.

You can count on us to accomplish assignments accurately because of our extensive experience. We may alter the color of your wooden furniture by putting different colored stains, toners, or glazes over the original finish.

outdoor furniture Abu Dhabi

Out Door Furniture Abu Dhabi

Glaxy Locals is still Abu Dhabi's top outdoor lifestyle retailer. Our customers return to us year after year because we offer the area's widest selection of furniture mixed with great personalized service.

Whether you want to build a new outdoor living space, renovate your pool, or simply add a bench to finish your garden, our home and outdoor projects can fit within your budget. There is no waiting because we are the only outdoor store with an on-site warehouse. Within a 100-mile radius, we also provide delivery. We take great satisfaction in offering you the best furniture at the most competitive pricing.

Do you need a vacation from the city's bustle? Visit the Glaxy Furniture showroom to design your own backyard heaven. With a conversation set and an accent table with wooden frames and weathered finishes, you can bring the coastal feeling straight to your back door. Want to add a touch of the tropics to your patio's decor? Put together a bar with cozy rattan stools.

Dining seats outdoor settings

We are selling dining sets that are so simple to use that you would never guess they were high-end patio equipment. At our company, you can get the size you need for round tables in a variety of sizes, rectangles, and ovals, extending tables, compact bistro sets, and more.

You can select from swivel rocking chairs, dining chairs, or simple bar-height dining collections. Order from our inventory or have a special order made in the color of your choice; we can meet all of your outdoor eating requirements.

Conversation Seating

Have you ever dozed off while relaxing on your patio furniture outside? With our patio , you will our seating areas are renowned for being cozy. You can unwind on our patio furniture just like you would on your favorite sofa at home, thanks to the large, luxurious cushions that are out door rated.

Of course, durability cannot be compared. You have a selection of sectionals, swivel lounge chairs, ottomans, loveseats, and sofas. You can expect your patio from us to look and feel like it's brand new for many, many years to come, whether you purchase it from our stock or place a special order.

Pit fires

We do like to gather around the fire. We provide fire pits on-hand and by special order. There is a variety of fire pits available, including ones that are table height, dining height, and bar height. You can get a fire pit that stands alone or one that comes with coordinating.Additionally, we provide log sets, glass wind guards, fire glass for the fire bowl, and covers for fire pits.

Umbrella seating arrangement

We just have to say, "We've got you covered!" In Abu Dhabi, we provide the most extensive collection of umbrellas. We have a canopy for every price range and application available, whether it is a centre pole or an offset pole, an octagon, square, or rectangle. One of our most sustainably produced items is our line of umbrellas, which we repair and sell replacement canopies for.

Bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Local Glaxy bed Upholstery Abu Dhabi offers essentially unlimited possibilities to customize your home because we have had the pleasure of spending more than a decade developing our trade. We supply the design and architectural communities in Abu Dhabi and abroad with a wide range of services.

Owned and maintained by a family, we respect our collaborators and welcome the chance to collaborate with you. Please have a look around our website and contact us if there is any way we can make your next project as successful as you see it.

Comfortable and modern-designed upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are the ideal accent for any bedroom because they are both cozy and modern. The soft upholstery offers the utmost in comfort, while the modern design and sleek lines provide a stunning appearance.

With a robust structure and solid support system, they are built to last. This upholstered bed is the ideal option whether you want to modernize the design of your bedroom or just want a comfy place to sleep.

Skilled and experienced staff

Give an old thing new vitality. Your treasured object can be updated or repaired using one of the many high-quality materials we provide. With our many years of experience, we can guarantee a brand-new product that is both practical and comfortable.

Our many years of experience can help you refine and add that unique, personal feel to the most special space in your house. The intricate and exquisite art of wall upholstery is a specialty of our in-house upholsterers, who employ both conventional methods and panel track systems.

Custom headboards and bedding

We have the ideal answer for remodeling your space! You can create the ideal bedroom outfit with the assistance of our qualified and skilled designers, who can also create custom bedding, cushions, and upholstery. We can design styles that fit your window coverings and go well with your bedroom's decor thanks to our vast selection of fabrics. We are experts in bedspreads, bed skirts, comforters, duvet covers, and other items.

Custom fabrics for headboards, bedding, and other uses

Whether you're trying for a traditional appearance or something more contemporary and futuristic, fabric may transform the mood of your bedroom. A plain room can be transformed into a classy and welcoming executive suite with custom bedding. Everything is flawlessly assembled to satisfy your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. It hangs precisely and fits nicely.

The fabric choice can be used on high-head beds for additional decorative flare, tying the entire look together, in addition to custom draperies, bedding, and decorative pillows.

Thanks to our experts your furniture will get a new lease on life

You might have to deal with new color changes, new design requirements, or a more contemporary style if you're performing some interior remodeling for your home or business. Choosing the proper fabric is crucial, and we can help with our expertise and wide range of top-quality textiles in the newest patterns.

We have too many fabric and leather alternatives to mention them all on our website, but we do offer a huge selection of time-honored, modern, and fashionable designs and textures for a fresh new appearance and feel.

sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the Glaxy sofa Upholstery & Slipcovers is your one-stop shop for all your furniture upholstery and restoration requirements. In addition to bespoke furniture, slipcovers, cushions, and fabric, we also offer furniture repair, woodworking, and upholstery service.

We serve Abu Dhabi with pride. We provide services for both homes and businesses. We offer cloth for upholstery. We also provide interior designer consultations at clients' homes. The entire UAE is covered by our pick-up and delivery services. There isn't much we can do in terms of our industry. This offers a high degree of ease to our customers.

Sofa Restoration of Furniture

Complete furniture restoration is one of our specializations in addition to furniture reupholster. Your couch or chair will be stripped down to its basic frame, repaired, and stained before having the springs and padding replaced, new cushions made, and the upholstery restored.

Additionally, we repair and refinish wood furniture, including antiques and items that have been flooded. Dining chairs, headboards, cornice boxes, love seats, couches, restaurant booths, banquettes, and lounge chairs are just a few of the items we can restore.

Unique Furniture

We create one-of-a-kind, expensive custom furniture that is affordable and will last for many generations in your family. Compared to furniture sold in furniture stores, the quality of our custom-made furniture is significantly higher.

Our handcrafted, handmade couches, stools, chairs, ottomans, beds, and benches are carefully customized to suit your unique preferences and requirements.

Simply provide us with a thorough description, a drawing, or a photo of what you want done, and we will get it done. We also provide interior design consultations from qualified professionals who can support you with your furniture design ideas. Custom living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture are also available from us.

Designed by experts

The most effective and exciting solution is to redesign your old piece with sofa upholstery designs. In general, sofas are regarded as the centerpiece of any room's design. You must be thinking about replacing your old sofas if you want to renovate your home.

It would be challenging for you to discover the ideal blend of sofas for your room with the thousands of options accessible, but buying a new or used sofa would be cost-effective.

Restoration of your old sofa into a new one

Your old sofa could use some repair, and you could alter it to match the style of your home. For many years, we have worked to provide sofa upholstery services in Dubai to give a new life to many old, damaged pieces.

We are a well-known brand for providing services for repairing sofa upholstery with new sofa upholstery designs in Abu Dhabi. The majority of house décor is centered on sofas. It serves as the main piece of furniture in the living room, bedroom, and even outside.

However, a sofa might eventually get damaged or out of date. Most upholstery shops for couches, beds, and chairs now carry fresh upholstery designs and patterns. Your sofa now has a luxurious appearance that was lacking in earlier times.

bed headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Bed Headboards Upholstery Abu Dhabi

We have been engaged in the manufacture of specialized furniture. Since people spend so much time in the bedroom, it has been established by many years in the custom furniture market that customers demand the best.

Customers want a top-notch product at a fair price with the kind of attentive customer service you'd expect from a business that takes pride in what it does. In response, we are here.

All of our headboards are created and produced on-site at our headboard manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. You are making a direct purchase from the producer. We have a very excellent portfolio of headboard designs. Our collection is quite stylish and will enhance the beauty of your space.


Each hand-crafted luxury headboard and bed frame is created upon request. You can pick your bed's size, style, height, attachment type, and fabric for the upholstery. Every one of our goods is lovingly handcrafted to order. We focus on high quality and low volume.

Different shapes and sizes

Our plain upholstered headboards are a great blank canvas that you can customize to fit the style of your room. You can decide whether the back will have piping to indicate the edge or be left plain for a more streamlined appearance.

Choose from six different shapes and two different heights 76 cm for 5 cm, or 100 cm for 8 cm of foam thickness. The height measurement includes the board that rests behind the mattress by around 13 cm, in addition to the height above the mattress. In order to receive a quote, please get in touch with us and let us know what you need.


We have all the equipment required to produce and alter the frames for our upholstered headboards in-house. In our workshop, we have a group of talented furniture designers, carpenters, and upholsterers. We promise never to let you down with our services. We are equipped with all the modern machinery and modern methods.


We ask you to select the color or fabric that you want. More than 200 high-quality fire retardant upholstery fabrics are offered for all of our products. Place a free fabric swatch order online. The material we use in our store is 100% of good quality. So that you can make your room look attractive. We bought huge bundles of fabrics.


Our typical lead time is between 10 and 15 business days. Need your product more quickly? If necessary, we can manufacture it within a few days (charges may apply). Visit our store in Abu Dhabi. Our prices are reasonable and we will never disappoint you with our services.

All of your demands and requirements are met by our store's complete furnishing. We promise to offer you high-quality services at a reasonable cost. If you're looking for a unique color or pattern, you've come to the perfect place. Our store has every shade of each color, which will enhance the beauty of your room.

We thought that people wanted something distinctive for their bedrooms because they were sick of the same old mass-produced headboards. We are more certain than ever that our conviction was correct thanks to the favorable response to our company when we first launched it and our subsequent success.

floor carpentry Abu Dhabi

Floor Carpentry Abu Dhabi

Our areas of expertise include custom installation, sanding, and finishing of hardwood floors. We have the experience to get the job done properly, whether it involves recovering the 100-year-old wood that has been covered under carpet, historic restoration, new construction, custom borders, medallions, or a staircase.

We introduced that attention to detail when they started specializing in custom hardwood flooring, having initially been focused on floor finish carpentry. To take advantage of the combined knowledge of contractors across the country, we became one of the first twelve certified professionals.

Wood floor installation and repair

Installation of cabinets, laminate and wood floors, crown molding, wainscoting, and fitting internal doors are all included in our floor carpentry services. You can unwind and rest at home. If you want to simply take in the beauty of your home instead of continuously taking on new tasks.

Our business is available to perform the task, whether your flooring has to be totally replaced or can be given a second opportunity with some upkeep and repairs. In addition to restoring your lovely hardwood floors, we can install new tile and fix laminate flooring.

Want to give your house a new look? No issue! Our knowledgeable team members are very proficient in removing old flooring and setting up new flooring. You can rely on us to get the outstanding outcomes you desire since we are skilled and insured professionals.

Installation and repairs of wood floors

Our company is the best choice for the project, whether you want to install wood floors in your home or need them repaired or upgraded. We are able to install new things and make repairs to give your house a polished appearance. Our specialists are skilled in the installation and maintenance of wood flooring, resulting in long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful outcomes that the whole family will adore.


The greatest wood floor finishes now on the market are applied expertly. We have experience with penetrating oils, hard wax oils, stains, traditional oil-based polyurethane, and water-based, commercial-grade finishes.


We only perform minor repairs ourselves, but we always use the best installers who adhere to the same high standards that we do.


We create free sample boards that are finished and sanded to the same degree as your floor would be, giving you a true-to-life depiction of the finished product.

Stability in High-Grade Craftsmanship

We try to use wood from local sources when installing new flooring because we are conscious of our impact on the environment. Likewise, when restoring and finishing existing flooring, we try to use products that consider the impact on the contractor, the user's indoor environment, and the environment as a whole.

custom made reception Abu Dhabi

Custom Made Reception Abu Dhabi

Custom reception desks achieve the ideal combination of high design standards and reasonable prices. You can pick from a huge selection of styles, sizes, finishes, and materials. At Glaxy, everything we do stems from our dedication to providing high-quality personalized storage solutions that enable people to become better versions of them and have more time and space to devote to what really matters.

The user experience is improved by inviting well-built, unique furniture, whether the user is engaged in focused work or group collaboration. For some of the top businesses in Abu Dhabi, we have designed custom furniture solutions that have been both on time and under budget. Visitors to your organization are given a crucial impression by your reception desk.

The reception area is the focal point of your business, so the furniture there gives customers an insight into the culture of your enterprise. We can work with you to design a chic and distinctive reception area.

Your Identity, Your Reception

The reception desk's display of your company's emblem acts as a business card and is very important in promoting your brand. The first thing customers notice when they enter your business is your reception, and Glaxy furnishings may help you leave a lasting impression.

We provide a distinctive range of top-notch, contemporary reception area furniture in various styles, hues, and dimensions.

Purchase office reception furnishings in Abu Dhabi

We provide Abu Dhabi with modern office reception furniture that is manufactured to order. Together, you and our creative design team can develop the ideal greeting desk. We use premium materials to create modern, elegant, and inventive designs that satisfy all of our clients' requirements.

For both small and large settings, Glaxy provides an outstanding assortment of stylish reception counters and reception desks that are well-designed. Based on a basic component series, we are able to design customized welcome desks. Because of this, we are able to design unique reception desks with contemporary chrome and glass finishes and a variety of veneers and laminates.

You can choose from a variety of sizes that we create for you by looking at the list below:

A Curved Reception Desk: A spacious space that makes a terrific first impression on guests is a curved reception desk. The larger area and security are provided by the large space.

A Straight Reception Desk: A Straight Reception Desk may easily fit into any size workplace because it has a classic appearance, is practical, and is simple to maintain.

L-shaped reception desks come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to keep your documents on one side and your computer on the other.

Cube Reception Desk: With workspace on both sides, a cube reception desk provides a secure area for the receptionist.

Chairs for receptions in Abu Dhabi

You can choose from a great assortment of welcome chairs at our business. We provide welcome chairs for any taste, whether you desire contemporary or antique ones. We serve business clients and provide furniture solutions as one of Abu Dhabi's top providers of reception chairs. Browse all of our reception chair designs at your leisure to find the perfect fit for your company.

We provide customized reception chairs for each of our clients. We make sure you select a chair that complements your brand identity and corporate culture.

Do you have any query to discuss please call direct here.

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