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Glaxy Used Furniture Abu Dhabi

Glaxy Used Furniture Abu Dhabi

Glaxy used furniture Abu Dhabi buy and sell all kinds of second hand furniture and used home appliances (electronics) in all over Abu Dhabi capital of UAE. Our second hand furniture store is located in Mussafah M-40 Ad Doja Street. Glaxy used furniture is established in 2017. We have home delivery and home pickup services.

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How to buy and sell second hand furniture?

We are furniture buyers and sellers who provide reliable and helpful services for our clients who are looking for used furniture Abu Dhabi. We buy furniture such as (sofas, beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, and so on) or used items such as home appliances, so why don't you sell them instead of keeping them without any use? Don't hesitate to contact our staff; we will respond as soon as possible.

We ensure that our services are efficient and that our customers are satisfied. We guarantee you will not be disheartened when you have used furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi.

On behalf of our team, we are genuinely excited and grateful for your participation in our excellent services. We also want you to know that selling used furniture, appliances, or other used stuff can be beneficial. Why? First and foremost, it is not about the money but how you will help the environment by recycling.

We also want you to understand that we will be physically and emotionally invested in this work, which is why the rest of our staff guarantees. You will be happy and content with our services; we will make every effort to meet your expectations of the high-quality used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi.

We fulfill the opportunity to meet the needs of all professional buyers throughout the UAE. We want to see our company grow with your help and ensure that we provide excellent services that make you happy.

We sell high-quality furniture that you will enjoy purchasing because it is reasonably priced; once you enter our store, you will see all the highest quality furniture in the industry. We want you to feel relaxed and content, so we will do our best to provide you with attractive and in good condition of furniture.

Many of you will be highly interested in furniture. That is why we are here; the rest of our company is eager to provide you with better ideas or advice on how to buy or sell furniture.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We will clearly explain all of the details that you require. We are always available to get every one of you. As long as you are attracted, we will do our best to provide you with all of the details you need to make an informed decision about furniture.

used furniture abu dhabi

Services of used furniture Abu Dhabi:

Our services are very simple and easy to comprehend and if you do contact us so we will arrange for you to use our service. Our team will provide you a lot of services that you want in your mind. We are giving you cash on delivery service, online payment service, furniture pick and drop service etc.

We are giving you a lot of services of used furniture in Mussafah like luxury furniture, royal furniture, curtains, décor items etc.

The quality and durability of our electronic items is none less equal to the new appliances; these used appliances are the product of various famous brands. We are a team of professionals who are working in a company with the aim to provide you with the best services if you are looking to buy and sell used furniture or design custom made furniture in Abu Dhabi.

We have created a group of buyers and sellers which leads by Najm Al Roken Used Furniture to protect customers from scammers and frauds. We all set together and discuss about used furniture trading reliability for consumers.

Commercial and Residential Used Furniture Buy and Sell Services

Full House Furniture

We buy and sell full house furniture like bed room, living room, kitchen, baby room, guest room etc.

Full Villa Furniture

We also buy and sell full villa used furniture in Abu Dhabi with all rooms, appliances, and decor items.

Office Used Furniture

We buy and sell full office furniture in abu dhabi like workstations, computer tables, files cupboards etc.

Used Bed Room

If you want to buy and sell second hand bed room furniture then you are in the right place. Just contact us to get our services shortly.

Custom Made Furniture Abu Dhabi

We design all types of custom made local and branded new furniture with guarantee at reliable prices.

Used Home Appliances For Sale

All kinds of washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric and gas cookers, dishwashers buy and sell.

Used Kitchen Equipment For Sale

Kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, villas and houses available for sale at best condition with affordable price.

Furniture Repair Carpenters

All kinds of furniture repair services by expert carpenters. If you furniture broken or damaged feel free to contact us.

Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

We provide bed and sofa upholstery service with stunning and strong fabric. Professional upholstery service in UAE.

Buy Sell Furniture For Travel

If you are travelling out side from UAE and want to sell your furniture at good price we are here to pay you valuable amount.

House Hold Items

We sell and buy all kinds of house hold items like appliances, utensils, decor, curtains etc. If you are looking for such kind of services.

Movers and packers in Abu Dhabi

We have professional movers and packers services in Abu Dhabi. Contact us if you want to shift your house, villa, apartment, studio or office.

Furniture survey by photos or visit for estimated offer:

You can also find here the best used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi. Finding the ideal selling price for furniture can be challenging. You can't sell at market value and don't want to leave knowing you could have made more money. Furthermore, determining the worth of your used furniture can assist you in deciding whether or not to sell it at all.

While pricing furniture is notoriously tricky due to the sheer variety of pieces available, there are some general guidelines to follow.

  • A spotless piece of furniture is far easier to sell and price competitively. Remove any stains, polish the edges, and consider staining or painting faded furniture at low prices.
  • If you can make any minor repairs, do so right away. If you expect the buyer to make repairs, the sale price will be reduced disproportionately.
  • Check any old electronics to make sure they still work.
  • Furniture Valuation Guides, which can find easily online, will give you price ranges for most furniture.
  • Look for items that are as similar to yours as possible. Look for furniture with similar qualities if you know the maker, model, or materials used.
  • This is the best platform to start if you don't know how much the piece initially sold for.

Furniture and appliances buying:

Online shopping has made it valid to get almost anything while staying home. A new house is many people's dream, and everyone wishes to decorate the new home with their desired items. Our store is the best place to make your new home a dream house to fulfill your wish.

Our corporation is the first real-time online search engine that offers all home accessories on a single platform. This platform will connect you to your favorite Abu Dhabi online store for online shopping, where you can get great yet ultra-modern household products for your new home.

When buying a new house, the only thing that comes to mind is new home accessories, which you can get online according to your budget. On the online website, you can select your price range from lowest to highest and get the desired product within your budget in just a few clicks.

When you purchase a large appliance or piece of furniture that requires shipping, the shipping may cost more than the item itself! You might be prepared to pick up your merchandise yourself if you own a van or truck or have a friend who does.

Inquire with the salesperson about the warehouse's location and customer pickup policies. Keep in mind that some warehouses are only open for customer pickups one or two days per week.

Used furniture selling:

We provide the best used furniture in Abu Dhabi. Each of these furniture market options is available on desktop and mobile platforms, allowing you to manage any listing furniture you sell from anywhere. You can be at work and efficiently receive and accept offers while arranging a time and location for the items to be exchanged. All options allow you to post images and a detailed description, simplifying the sale process.

Once you've found an online market where you can sell your used furniture, ensure your listings feature the best photos and explanations to help them sell faster!

We provide the best used furniture for sale Abu Dhabi. When it comes to furniture, Glaxy is a best store to visit and check their items. Most buyers want to know why, whether through online platforms or physical stores. It doesn't matter if the used furniture speaks for itself; elegance can sometimes be seen during these fantastic finds.

To sell your furniture instantly, it must be in good condition. Decorate the furniture in a room of your home to show off its potential before listing it for sale. It gives the buyer a better idea of how the furniture will fit in their home (mainly how much space it takes up). Also, ensure you have good lighting and take photos from various angles. Dimly lit photos can make your furniture appear dirty and unappealing. The entire piece is easier to see and looks better when posted online with good lighting. It also applies to different perspectives.

Do you want to sell a dining room set, matching dressers, or a couch set on the internet? Check that your photos show the correct pieces. If you're only selling the table, don't confuse buyers by showing them the entire dining room table and chair set. You can also find here the best used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi. Descriptions of what's being sold can be overlooked, especially when a potential buyer is only searching by keywords and looking for better photos, so make sure your images (and listing titles) display what's for sale.

Keep your descriptions for furniture sale listings as simple as possible. You don't desire to go into deep details about how much you adored the piece or how it was used. Just go over the fundamentals, such as:

  • the year you purchased the furniture
  • the brand of the item, if known
  • what room the furniture was in
  • how much wear and tear it has, and whether or not pets were allowed on it

People may feel more inclined to buy from you online if you are honest and to the point about your offer. Don't be afraid to respond to their questions.

You know how much the item you're selling is worth because you bought it. Moreover, unlike a vehicle, furniture does not lose value when you leave the store. However, because most people are unwilling to pay top dollar for used furniture, be prepared to set a price slightly lower than what you originally paid.

used furniture for sale abu dhabi

Used furniture for sale Abu Dhabi

We have a lot of items available, a very clean and quality condition and very reasonable and valuable prices like, second hand appliances, luxury furniture, royal furniture, local furniture, curtains, décor items etc.

We have different types and famous brands of used furniture shop in Abu Dhabi like bedroom furniture, luxury furniture, royal furniture, local furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture etc. Can you sell safely? If the answer is yes so you have the right place because we are used furniture buyers. We buy your things at a valuable price if your items are quality and in good condition.

We have different types of second hand furniture in our store located in M-40 Mussafah. Our quality of items is one of the best in Mussafah. We sell like bedrooms furniture, sofa, table, chair, bed, foam, and all used luxury furniture and royal furniture, local furniture, office furniture up to kitchen furniture etc. prices depend on item quality if the item quality and condition is good so the price of item already high. But we have given in affordable prices. If yes, we have buyers of used furniture. We buy and sell all kinds of items like furniture, appliances, decor items etc.

Used Appliances (Electronics)

We are buyers and sellers of second hand appliances in Abu Dhabi. We have a lot of items in store. We have very famous branded items for sale. If you wish to buy or sell your items. We provide for you different second hand appliances at a reasonable price and very good condition like Fridge, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Oven, Water Dispenser, Ac, Electric and Gas Cooker etc. the quality and condition of our items is good and a very famous brand.

Do you want to update your house interior design?

If your answer is yes then you came to the right place. We provide all kinds of used house items like furniture, appliances, curtains, décor items etc.

Used Décor items

Anyone wants to décor his home. But this is not peaceable to buy any items due to its higher prices. We have provided you with a lot of used décor items bought and sold in Abu Dhabi. Like, Table lamps, Cushions, Candles, Roughs, Vases, Art etc. Our all items are clean quality and good condition and very famous brands. We give you items at affordable prices.

used furniture in abu dhabi

Conditional services we offer:

Home delivery and pickup service are available

You've already figured out how to rent a moving truck and find some strong hands (and backs) to help you move your belongings into your new home. However, furniture pickup and delivery services aren't just for families who are moving.

Did you see a sectional you liked, a used refrigerator for the garage, or an excellent desk for your office but pass on it because you couldn't transport it? Home delivery of furniture can open up a new world of shopping possibilities. Learn about furniture delivery options and how to lighten your load while taking advantage of great deals.

Do you live in an apartment or a three-story walk-up? Perhaps you are one of the 65 million people who suffer from back pain. Moving a sectional sofa upstairs and around tight turns isn't anyone's idea of fun. Other reasons to use a home furniture delivery service include:

  • Moving bulky or heavy items requires more than one person and a lot of planning.
  • Large furniture necessitates the use of a large vehicle to transport it.
  • Taking things from private individuals can be risky.
  • Possibility of causing furniture damage or destruction.
  • Back injuries can occur when lifting heavy objects.
Furniture carpenters available to fit the furniture

Why go looking for help when help could come to you? Carpentry services are essential whether you need furniture repairs or bespoke pieces. If you hire a carpenter from us, we guarantee that the job will be finished on time. The finished product will be appealing. We cater to all of your carpentry desires in Abu Dhabi.

It is much easier to find carpentry services online than it is to look for a local specialist. You will be served by background-checked carpenters who ensure you are in good hands. We repair beds, sofas, tables, chairs, closets, kitchen cabinets, and doors/windows.

We offer affordable carpentry and building services of high quality. We work with Fixers who are incredibly competent and thoroughly qualified, and we have an attitude of being able to do anything. Our work is done to the high standards possible, and we provide excellent customer service.

Types of furniture we deal with:


The essential part of any home is the furniture, which is the first thing to consider and put forth when planning the home decor. Your home furniture should be classy and presentable, reflecting your requirements and frame of mind. It also represents the first and last impression of your home and your selection, and we are sure you want it to look lavish yet stylish. Always purchase furniture from a reputable online furniture store and decor.

We understand your desire for a home stylistic theme with unique and beautiful accessories. What's better than a gleaming and high-end modern home with the most elegant yet beautiful family room furniture? This one-stop-shop can help you refine your desire for luxurious room furniture. However, with comfortable and eye-catching dining room furniture, you can warmly welcome your visitors and family.

We consider your kitchen an essential part of your home, and we assist you in filling it with extraordinary, valuable, and enticing decoration. Not only that, but we understand the commercial use of furniture, so we offer a wide range of home and office furniture at such low prices.


Furniture is an essential component of every home and is the first thing to consider when planning a home decor. Your home furniture should be presentable and elegant because it reflects your values and mood.

It also represents your home's first impression, and we're sure you want it to look luxurious and stylish. Always choose a reputable online furniture and decor store when purchasing furniture online. We provide the best used furniture for sale Abu 𝙳𝚑𝚊𝚋𝚒. We make it simple to shop for furniture online.

Every woman's dream is to have her own home. We understand that you want to furnish your home with unique furniture. The arrival of spring is the ideal time to update your home's décor with bright and lively ideas. Home furniture can now be purchased and throughout the UAE.

Enjoy a diverse selection of home furniture at our store and cherish a furniture shopping experience with independence. In addition, we have an online store for used home furniture where you can check every smallest detail without going on a hectic and tiring shopping spree in the market under the hot sun.


Italian furniture is often admired for its high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. These sophisticated pieces can easily add sophistication and class to any home. You can find the appropriate styles and prices to suit your personal preferences.

Italian furniture has a long and beautiful history, with many rare and beautiful pieces available through us. You can quickly assemble a luxury furniture collection from various leather, wood, and metals that you and your family will love for many years to come. Many materials are used to create more comfortable chairs and sofas, as well as more substantial tables and display cabinets.

There are a few main features you should look for when purchasing authentic Italian furniture. Some luxury brands may be easier to identify with a quick search, while others may require more investigation into their history. Some leathers leave marks for a more antique look (which can make a sofa appear older than it is), but they quickly disappear when polished.

If you're looking for Italian-style furniture, you can easily find pieces that match your desired aesthetic. More modern styles emphasize convenience, with easy-to-clean surfaces and eco-leather features.


A house, they say, does not make a home. That is entirely correct because YOU DO. Your home is an extension of you, and your furnishings should reflect that!

It is why a sideboard is more than just soulless storage. It's a memory collector. A kitchen shelf isn't just for storing utensils; it's also a window into your culture and identity, containing all of the spices, cookbooks, and decorations that define your taste.

Our purpose is to furnish you with a wide range of affordable furniture in various styles that complement your home, such as modern, traditional, farmhouse, bohemian, and nautical. Ensure that you and your personality shine through in every aspect of your home.

Numerous styles can be combined to achieve the desired aesthetic look. How do you know which type is best for you? It all relies on how you want your home to reflect your personality! Are you in the city and looking for a more modern, sleek minimalist look, perhaps in black and white? Or maybe you live near the water and prefer a coastal nautical look that includes wicker furniture in navy blue and yellow tones. You've come to the right place because IKEA has everything.

Local made

The beauty of the home is its locally-made furniture. It provides the best look in terms of decor. It makes the best use of available space. Local products assist you in locating the best location. People enjoy decorating their homes according to the size and area available. There is no set size for the room. As a result, custom furniture is best for home beauty.

Local-made furniture manufactures the best materials for home beauty. Provincial furniture can assist you in developing a better understanding of the room theme. The color scheme and fabric theme can be customized to match the room theme. It is a worldwide trend to prefer the best match for the room theme.

This modern and appealing bedroom set is made to order. Perfect color scheme and beauty by the room design. Design of a romantic bedroom set with a back wall. The method of the bedroom set's back wall. Combine with the specific wallpaper. The fabric also has the same grey theme. The fabric and metal paint contrast beautifully—a round-shaped side table with a drawer.

They are dressed with a metal leg for added strength. This bed's front is Puffy. Puffy and dressing table legs are similar. The dressing mirror is in an antique color scheme. The ultimate in beauty and design. This room is ideal with the luxury style bedroom set and beauty. The color scheme is fantastic, especially with the golden metal base.

Buy old furniture and refurbishment:

It is a great idea to consider buying Used furniture in Abu Dhabi. We provide the best used furniture for sale Abu Dhabi. As a result, the UAE declares this secondhand concept furniture. It is a trustworthy store for buying specific furniture for your home, office, or workplace. This store sells high-quality used furniture at a reasonable price to its customers.

Used furniture is still made with high-quality materials, so your furniture will not appear worn. Investing your money here could be a wise decision. You'll be able to get furniture without spending a fortune on each piece.

We offer used furniture services in Abu Dhabi if you have any furniture that you want to sell at a reasonable price because our minds can change at any time, and we may want to sell or buy furniture and appliances. Our primary service area is Abu Dhabi, and our store is in Mussafah, as you can see by visiting Used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah.

Most people consider secondhand furniture. Our furniture store is vast, and we have an extensive used furniture collection. If you are looking for furniture stores, you have come to the right place. We do supply various furniture stores in Abu Dhabi.

It's an uncommon problem: you move into your first apartment or a larger house and suddenly find a lot of space and no material to fill it with. Perhaps that old used couch or bed frame is no longer adequate. Whatever your reason for needing furniture, you're in luck with low-cost options.

Values of second hand furniture

There are many values of used furniture mussafah at Abu Dhabi. We aim to build trusted relation with our clients and sell high quality furniture, Second hand appliances, décor items, luxury products on affordable and reliable price. Professionalism, honesty, probity, hard work, punctuality, time management, is the core values that constitute our work management. Many clients come to buy used furniture in Abu Dhabi. Many people come for a long or short time and have less money so he buys. Undeniably the value of these items equals the fresh furniture. Therefore these can last longer for sale. Because the presence of meaningful planning, coordination, effective staff, honesty, hardworking, better organization, and effective feedback system drive our services orientation with special focus on meeting the needs and demands of our valuable customers.

Therefore the way offers an excessive market of used furniture shops in Abu Dhabi at mussafah.

For these reasons all over the world’s peoples are buy used second hand furniture and second hand appliances. Because it is never peaceable to buy new furnitures and appliances due to its higher prices which at times a few can afford.

Are you looking to buy second hand furniture?

We have available a lot of used furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi which you can buy any time with home delivery and furniture fixing in your house. You will get furniture with a carpenter. Our home delivery team will deliver the items to your house and they will make your interior design as you want. Or if you have some furniture items in your house and you want to sell it to empty space or buy a new one. Then you are in the right place. We are the most professional and best used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi. As per google maps directions our location is listed below you can take direction and come to our store. Also you can schedule an appointment with our inspection team to visit your house and check the items which you are going to sell.

Work Management values

We have a very strong management team and professional team working. We are working honestly with each other. Our all teams take their own responsibilities. We work together like a team and any one with each other with very honesty. All our team is very smart and hard workers. If you work together so we will bring you a lot of services. Our work management values are Professionalism, loyalty, honesty, probity, hard work, punctuality, time management, are the core values that constitute our work management.

Payment terms

We have two main types of payment (cash on delivery, online payment).

Cash on delivery

If you buy second hand appliances or furniture so before the delivery you have to pay your bill in the store. But if you want to sell used furniture Abu Dhabi so before taking the item we give a valuable price of the item at that time in your home. We are buying and selling second hand appliances and used furniture.

Online payments

If you buy different varieties of items and your order has become 10 thousands Dirham above so you are eligible to pay it online. Otherwise you should be bound to pay at that time in store.

Used furniture home delivery when you buy

Home delivery of the used furniture in Abu Dhabi is the process of transportation to your goods sources from the destination. If you have bought used appliances and furniture so we take and deliver it to your home.

Our Used Furniture Store Mission

For your easy life we bring you a lot of service that you want in your mind. We have to provide you with different varieties of used furniture store in Abu Dhabi. In early times many people wanted to buy new furniture for home. But it is never peaceable to buy new furniture and new appliances due to its higher prices which at times a few can afford. It is in this context that comes into play. So we sell in very clean, durable quality and good condition at an affordable price. And bring updated trends for you with creative brands and throw to deliver quality products and good services.

Our Responsibilities

With superior organization and quality services come responsibility constitutes. Responsibility is one of the best pillars of our values on which the whole defects of our services are based. By responsibility we mean that the customers are provided with quality products. We are used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi.

We are responsible to provide you services that you want. This is our responsibility that you buy or sell used furniture mussafah. So anywhere you are in the city you can sell your used home furniture. We have taken and delivered it to your doorstep. We have very responsible drivers and good vehicles for delivery. If you buy items we have guaranteed furniture clean, quality condition and affordable price. Before purchasing any used furniture, appliances, décor items check it properly. After delivery to your home we are not responsible for any damage or return products.

Do you have any query to discuss please call direct here.

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