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Gypsum Board Partition in Abu Dhabi

The term "gypsum board" refers to a group of panel goods with a gypsum-based non-combustible core and a paper covering on the face, back, and long edges. Gypsum board is also known as plasterboard, wallboard, and plasterboard. It can be used on frames or furring made of wood, metal, or both.

Who are We?

We are one of the top suppliers and installers of gypsum board in the entire United Arab Emirates. The boards offer great thermal and acoustic solutions since we never compromise on quality. The normal size is 6 feet by 4 feet and has a 12.5-millimeter thickness.

In addition to being suppliers and authorized distributors of gypsum boards, we also offer installation services. The entire method, which includes room analysis, design, manufacture, implementation, and execution, will be carried out by our team of engineers. Thus, we can meet your requests for artificial ceilings and partitions.

Gypsum Walls Partition in Abu Dhabi

Every residential, commercial, or industrial facility can have plasterboard partition walls. Partition walls convert your property into a useful space by splitting larger sections into clearly defined spaces.

Partition gypsum walls are a helpful technique to maximize your workspace, whether you need new office partitions or to upgrade an existing system. They are also beneficial for dividing a big office building into several smaller ones.

Gypsum board partition in Abu Dhabi are excellent for meeting rooms and conference areas because they minimize outside office noise, lessen distractions, and promote seclusion. They aid in accommodating more workers and boosting efficiency by giving employees customized workstations.

Gypsum Board Office Partition in Abu Dhabi

We are skilled professionals with experience in the construction and installation of office partition walls. We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding your office fit-out and partition wall construction expectations. We collaborate with you to deliver your project on time.

We offer a skilled and excellent service for building partition walls. Whether you need a straightforward partition wall created or a whole office renovation and fit-out, we are here to assist, advise, and support you.

Our office fit-out projects range from simple modifications to complete office fit-outs and renovations. We have more control over the building process when we exclusively subcontract out specialized trades to our own staff of professional artisans.

Our respectful and considerate tradespeople are used to working in occupied houses and are not just professionally trained in their professions but also in how to be compliant and adaptable in delicate and private settings.

We collaborate with you to ensure your construction projects are finished with the least possible impact on you and your business operations. To discuss your fit-out project or to set up a quote, give us a call.

Rooms And Flats Gypsum Board Partitions

We provide home renovations and the building of partition walls. We construct plaster partition walls for homes and buildings to add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and rooms.

We take great care to match existing cornices, trims, architraves, skirting boards, and moldings while installing plaster partition walls in homes. Depending on the requirements and purpose, we construct partition walls for homes and houses out of metal and wood studs.

Wet Areas Have Partition Walls Made Of Plasterboard

Our company provides plaster partition walls that are resistant to moisture and humidity. We use Aquatic plasterboard for the plaster partition walls in the wet sections.

We use it for partition walls and ceiling applications since it is moisture- and humidity-resistant. We use it for shower divider walls, toilet partition walls, laundry partition walls, and kitchen partition walls.

Do you want to partition your office or house?

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